We are excited to show you how you can use UML to communicate, requirements and architectural design with clarity to various stakeholders on various kinds of projects!

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The Unified Modelling Language(UML) can be a powerful tool for conducting analysis and communicating requirements and various levels of design to stakeholders when used with understanding by professionals who have been properly trained to use it in a wide range of situations. Unfortunately, despite the fact that many are trained in its use in University, this training is often within the context of a course emphasising Object Oriented Design(OOD) or formal modelling of specifications.

UML is is most useful when used appropriately for the context of the project and the stakeholder(s). In this series of short courses our trainer takes the time to focus on the use of UML within various contexts considering project type, timeline, involvement of stakeholder as well as project phase.  While doing these courses you will learn to value simplicity in modelling while increasing the impact of your modelling efforts in achieving optimal communication with both technical and non technical stakeholders.

*Each course is self contained and there is no requirement to complete one before the other. There is no prerequisite relationship between them



(UML) Short Courses (Online Offerings COMING SOON!!!)

😀 UML For Requirements Engineering

😀 UML for Domain Driven Design

😀 UML for Software Architects



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